Our raw materials come from local suppliers, and 100% of their transformation is performed in our factory. We are a perfect example of Made in Cameroon


Propose everyday products in new forms in order to surprise the consumer.

Selection of the best raw materials and highly monitored transformation so as to avoid damage to persons and the environment.


Create many jobs as possible by using machines only where human resources cannot (easily) intervene.

Short story: 2010

In 2010, while on a trip to Cameroon Mr VOUFFO (CEO of TORINO FOOD) resident in Italy, observed that despite the dynamism of local farmers of the major foodstuffs, they still live way below the poverty margin. This can be explained by a very high post-harvest loss rate due to lack of transformation and conservation structures.

«Since then I turned to Italian factories to acquire the Know-How needed to set up a transformation structure which would measure up to the expectations of the market, and equally respect the people and the environment»

Torino Food

Birth of TORINO FOOD: 2017

In 2017 TORINO FOOD was born, the first and unique transformation structure for local products in Dschang. It proposes a variety of finished products to consumers.

Product distribution: 2018

TORINO FOOD does not only propose new products to the market, it also ensures their distribution through supermarkets, stores, bakeries and other sales points.